I am one of very few people living in Manhattan today, who use their oven for more than storage space. I love to cook and can think of no better way to start each week than a quiet night at home with good food and close friends.

This blog is an archive of the food I make, and each recipe’s relative success as judged by my guests.

kt in the kitchen

Katie Resch – keresch@gmail.com

Rating System

Based solely on trips to the kitchen for extra helpings

1 trip: I wouldn’t recommend making this again

2 trips: Not bad

3 trips: Pretty good, will probably impress your friends

4 trips: Only an elite few qualify

5 trips: This recipe is like whoa


One response to “About

  1. Katie,

    Sick blog. Really nice recaps of your meals. Looks like you really know what you’re doing.

    Also – I dig the simple and clean layout of your blog, and think that your use of tabs at the top to separate the side projects and competitions from its main topic is brilliant.

    (Airport last weekend)

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