5.25 – Sunday Trotter (on a Monday)


And so we finally made it to dinner after 4 weeks of prep.

In my estimation I nailed 80%.


The Porchetta was perfection. I may have to buy another shoulder next weekend as there wasn’t nearly enough and it was so perfectly moist and delicious.

The pork buns, while not perfectly uniform, tasted delicious and the pork belly melted in your mouth.

The banana pudding was made even better by the bourbon whipped cream I added on top.


Even the pigs ear fried up nicely to compliment my blue cheese dressing.

Sadly, the headcheese was a fail. Possibly I didn’t boil it down enough, and maybe it was the heat, but what I managed to make was cosume de tete, rather than fromage. I suppose it’s just a sign I need to intern with Boulud after all.

Brad, my pleasure to feed, did not seemed phased by the texture and created his own masterpeice of lardo + headcheese crostini.


All in all I am well-fed and exhausted. I’m unable to report actual results, as aside from some beans and consume, there isn’t a spec left. 9 people, 6 boys, 9 lbs pork, 0 left-overs.



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