5.27 Memorial Day, on the road

It’s a sad fact, but I’ve only managed to maintain one close relationship from high school. Fortunately my one friend, Adam, not only knows me better than most, but also shares my love of food.

Earlier this year Adam brought his wife to NYC to spend a weekend. In true Katie-Resch fashion, I showed them my city through a tour of my favorite eating and drinking establishments. Upon returning to their home in Cincinnati, Adam called to inform me that The City had changed them, and they would no longer go without the finer foods in life. They also cordially invited me to a culinary weekend in Cincinnati as soon as I could get away.

My New York apartment is missing the prerequisite grill needed to adequately celebrate Memorial Day, so i decided this would be the prefect time to crash with friends who owed a backyard, and took Adam and Stephanie up on their gracious offer.

My weekend was a whirlwind of caviar and martinis, including a delicious dinner at Slims and the obligatory snack of Cincinnati 5-way. (No offense Skyline, but the local diners really do it best.)

On Sunday, we decided it was time for a full Memorial Day throw-down utilizing Adam’s amazing backyard kitchen hearth. We began with a trip to Findlay Market where I picked up veggies, organic couscous and some large shrimp, and Adam picked up a beautiful 2″ thick, 2.5LB Porterhouse steak.

After a quick stop to a competing BBQ, we came home about 6pm to begin cooking.

Memorial Day Feast

1. Patriotic Caviar and Crackers with Creme Fresh
2. Olive Tapenade
to start:

Stephanie came up with a fantastic idea to satisfy my need for patriotic food on national holidays. After being inspired by an image of red caviar and cream cheese molded into a candy cane on our box of caviar, Stephanie proceeded to die half our creme fresh blue and create a patriotic and delicious treat. I rounded out the appetizers with some olive and honey tapenade and Adam provided martinis.

Findlay Market Salad

To cleanse the pallet, post roe-Americana, I made a simple salad of fresh orange tomato, red onion, avocado and goat cheese, dressed with Balsamic, olive oil cracked pepper and kosher salt.

Grilled Shrimp and Coucous salad

The one thing I truly grill well is shrimp in the Alton Brown-recommended fashion. I cleaned and de-veined the shrimp I picked up at Findlay and proceeded to soak 20 minutes in a brine of sugar, salt, cracked pepper, diced red onion, red pepper flakes, garlic, soy sauce and a little white vinegar and olive oil. Shrimp is then skewered and grilled 5-10 minutes, until shells are pink and shrimps are firm to the touch. I add a bit of hoisin sauce for dipping as well.

Adam took care of starting a maple wood fire while I prepped.

Steak Frites

Adam expertly grilled our steak while double-frying fires in his kitchen.


After our marathon of eating we finished off our night with lemon-basil sorbet from Findlay, limoncello and Bakers by the fire.


JL was not able to participate in the Cincinnati road-trip, so I figure it’s my duty to vote as I am the guest this evening.

Alright I’m embarrassed, but I finished every last french fry. They were amazing.

Host Highlights

Anti-avocado-Adam not only ate the avocados in my salad, but managed to clean his salad plate.

Cooper Pratt became so caught up in the delicious smells that he “accidentally” ate an olive. He also finished the entire porterhouse bone in an impressive 15 minutes.

Baxster Pratt spent a lot of time on the guest bed awaiting my return. I’m hoping he was trying to send me a culinary message?


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